Special thanks to director/producer Paul W. Sun


The Story

"If you can hand-make a pair of boots, you can make anything," That was what my teacher told me the first day I stepped in his shop eager to learn what it takes to handcraft a pair of boots. I can not remember a day not working on a pair of boots ever since. The first year, my teacher taught me how to resole/repair vintage engineer boots. That is where I found my inspiration to create the Role Club engineer boots.  After resoling many vintage engineer boots, I began to envision what my grail engineer boots would look like. I started by hand shaping a shoe last with what I believe would portray an eye-catching 40's style engineer boot that can withstand a leather stacked woodsman heel. I used the traditional method to begin designing the pattern from scratch. Weeks then months passed as I was trying to create the perfect lines, curves, and angles. I put countless hours into this project, and I was also able to create my very own Role Club half-soles and heels inspired from O'Sullivan. The reason I used two arms with hammers on the logo is so that I will never forget the days when my teacher and I worked hard side by side. Because of him, I am able to introduce to you: the 40's inspired Role Club Engineer Boots.