-Thoroughbred Dark Olive Steerhide 6/7 oz. w/ Fire Red Stitching

-10" Tall


-Hand-welted on leather footbed (No gemming!)



-Hand-punched instep strap w/ tear drop holes (Minimize buckle bulge)

-Solid brass roller buckles

-Triple-stitched lined vamp

-Quad-stitched counter

-Hand shaped leather counter

-Soft toe box

-Hand crimped toe track

- 40's Woodsman leather stacked heel

-Double stitched Role Club halfsole secured with brass rivets

-Golden Fireman's Stitched welt & halfsole

-Triple ribbed Wishbone shank secured with brass rivet

-Each pair is handcrafted specifically to your measurements by Brian the Bootmaker in Los Angeles, CA


Please fill out the Boot Inquiry Form and you will be informed your position on the waiting list. Due to the low volume handmade process, there will be a 6-8 week wait to complete your boots.